Saturday, April 5, 2008

2-2, 2-3

Not a good Shabbos for the Yankees, dropping two games to the freaking Devil Rays. Girardi got the worst of it, as he was passed out on his couch with 103 degree fever, probably stuck listening to John and Scissor on the radio. 2 horrible games, 2 horrible game recaps. The plan is for me to be there tomorrow so hopefully it won't rain and we'll get back to .500.

In other news, tomorrow's Rangers game is freaking huge. We're 1 point behind the Devils and look at that, we're playing them tomorrow. We need to win in regulation which means conceivably it'll be 1-1 with 1 minute left in regulation and we'll pull the goalie. Big day tomorrow.

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Jersey said...

1-1 with a minute to go, and they pull the goalie. Wow were you close.