Friday, April 4, 2008


Nice win last night, and we've matched our high-water mark for the year at 1 game over .500!

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 2, Joba with the win (1-0), Brian Wolfe the loss (1) and Mo the save (2).

Hughes pitched very well, especially in the 1st 3 innings when he was perfect. The 2 runs came off bloop and infield hits, except for Rios who continues to be a beast against us, and now has the longest hitting streak against us in over 70 years (23 games, Gehringer had a 31 game streak).

Of course it wasn't like we showed off too much offensively, as our runs came on a wild pitch, a sac fly, and a bloop single. Dustin McGowan, who apparently was trying to recreate the look of Seth Rogen's character in Freaks & Geeks, also pitched really well, but at the end of the day the former, but soon to be once again, baseball champions of the world got the job done (that's job, not Joba, stupid Sterling).

Hero of the game: The Captain scored the tying run and kept the game tied on a ball to his left that he might not have gotten to last year.

Around the league in one really long run-on sentence, Johnny Cueto appears to be halfway decent, my boy Zach Greinke completed the sweep over what the retard Steve Phillips called the greatest lineup of all time, the Phillies finally won a game, meaning the Nationals finally lost a game, and shockingly, Mike Hampton was scratched from his start before the game.

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