Tuesday, April 1, 2008


It feels so good to have real baseball back. 1 game played, 1 game won. Let's get to the essentials in the new almost daily post-game feature:

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 2. Wang (1-0) the win, Halladay (0-1) the loss, Joba with a hold (1), Mo with the save (1), Melky with a HR (1).

Wang was very frustrating with his inability to consistently throw strikes, and definitely got bailed out by some fantastic defensive plays, even Sergeant Steroids made a leaping catch (although his six-year old girl's arm cost us a run). But at the end of the day he pitched a solid 7 innings, only giving up 2 runs.

Player of the game, non-Captain division- definitely Melky. 2 great catches, the HR to tie it up after a great at-bat that finally got Halladay's pitch count up a little bit.

The umpiring was terrible, especially when it came to stolen bases. The Captain was clearly safe, while 1 of Posada's throws was on time.

The Captain went 1-4 with a B.S. caught stealing, and was solid in the field.

The Captain still rules, Matsui still sucks, Joba's still a beast and Mo's still the best.

I was in the house, and made it to The Bayis after the gates opened but before people were allowed in, so for all intents and purposes the gates were closed. Therefore, our record when I'm there before the gates open improves to undefeated-0. And our record when I'm in the house on Opening Day improved to 2-0. Good job by Randy Wells signing my ticket stub, and by Brandon League for signing my baseball yesterday. And thankfully it only started to pour after the game (literally like 2 minutes after).

Also, great job having a recording of Bob Shepherd announcing when The Captain comes up to hit.

Finally, I got my first up-close, non-while driving on the FDR look at the new stadium since October, and I have to say, as much as I think it's absolutely retarded that we're moving(, even if there's no actual churban bayis), the new place looks pretty cool. Unfortunately, only 80 regular season games left in the Bayis Shlishi, the greatest building in the history of the world.