Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Another year goes by without the Yankees going undefeated. That's a crying shame. Anyway, onto the essentials:

Blue Jays 5, Yankees 2. Burnett the win (1-0), Mussina the loss (0-1), Accardo the save (1). HRs by Uncle Vernon Wells (1, benched on my fantasy team) and A-Rod (1, Kern[el], if you call him A-God again I will punch you in the face).

The goat of the game goes to Sergeant Steroids himself, the Giambalco, who went 0-4 with an error that led to their first run. Not sure why Duncan and Ensberg are on the bench if they're not gonna be pinch-hitting for lefties against lefties (with their own urban clothing line F.L.A.L.) in the later innings.

For the most part Moose pitched like crap. Simply stunning. At least ol' reliable Phil Hughes starts tomorrow. The bullpen was good though, with Latroy O'Hawkins, my boy Kyle Farnsworth and Ross Ohlendorf (who actually looks like O'Neill a little bit and should therefore, if anyone's gonna wear #21, be wearing #21, since he looks more like O'Neill than his #39 predecessor Darryl Strawberry). And unlike Mr. T, Girardi actually trusted one of his non-Proctor relievers to come back out for a 2nd inning after getting one out in the inning before, having O'Hawkins pitch the 7th after getting the last out in the 6th. Now if only he'd bring up a righty against a lefty with the game in the balance in the later innings instead of trusting the sergeant.

The Captain went 2-4, raising his average to .375. All hail.

In the AL East standings, the gaymos in Boston are in 1st because they started earlt, with us and the rest of the division 1 game back. With the magic number still something like 162 I don't think we're dead yet.

Around the majors in one very long run-on sentence, Boston won, the Mets freaking destroyed Andrew Miller, overrated sack of crap Trevor Hoffman blew yet another game, and now that I think about it, in the parlay that I didn't share with the blog, but will once again be successfully doing so starting tomorrow, the 3 teams I had winning were all ahead in the 8th before their crappy bullpens f'd up (Tampa/Arizona/San Diego), not good times, Braves finally won a game, and my fantasy team's OPS was lower than it's ERA, and it's AVG was lower than it's WHIP, that can't be a good thing.