Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Twins are quite dumb

Ok, the last time I ranted against someone for making a decision that was stupid but wasn't 100% final, but looked like it was, he got $300 million. So Bill Smith, you're welcome in advance.

Going into last season, the Yankees possessed the #1 pitching prospect in baseball. As great as Joba was this season, freaking bugs notwithstanding, Phil Hughes was actually the top prospect. At 21, he pitched quite well for the Yankees, with two very memorable performances already: No-hitting Texas for 7 1/3 before having to come out with a pulled hammy, and his great job out of the pen in our lone playoff win (with me in attendance), bailing out the exploded Rocket.

Melky Cabrera is already one of the best defensive centerfielders in baseball at age 22, tying for 2nd in the league with 12 outfield assists. Plus, when finally given regular playing time, he hit pretty well also and only figures to improve.

These two alone for Santana was better than the crap Boston was throwing at them, by not including Buchholz and Ellsbury together in any package. But they wanted us to thrown in Ian Kennedy too, and wouldn't accept two second-tier prospects instead.

Now it looks like they get a few more months of the great Johan Santana (my 1st round pick in the last 2 fantasy drafts, a championship followed by a runner-up) before he leaves in free agency, signing with us anyway. Even if Liriano is able to come back, Detroit is much better than them, Cleveland is too, they have about a 5-10% chance at even making the playoffs.

Good job Bill Smith, you could've had Hughes/Liriano anchoring your rotation for the next 5 years, now you get Santana/Liriano for 1. Moron.

PS: Some things to look forward to- if I'm not too lazy there might be the debut of the gambling post, take the Bears tomorrow night, but we'll get to Sunday's games there. Also, either a preview of the fight Saturday night, a recap, or both. (Alright, let's be honest, if even 1 of these gets done it'll be surprising.)

PPS: Eli Manning still sucks. They won last week in spite of him. And to think, they could've just drafted Roethlisberger. At this point, I obviously have to mention ROMO.

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Rare Find said...

Yeah, you and Johan finished second this past season. Who won again? Wasn't it... oh yeah, me.

Eli Manning doesn't just suck. He swallows.