Thursday, December 13, 2007

Please not Pettitte

So the long-awaited Mitchell Report comes out in an hour, and sources have already said that among others, Roger Clemens is on it. I really don't care that he's on it, nor am I surprised at all. But the one guy who I like who there is a little concern about him being on the list, is Andy Pettitte. It's a known fact that Pettitte shared a workout plan with Clemens, and trained with him. Who knows? Maybe Clemens injected him with HGH when he wasn't looking. That would suck.

Of course there's no chance in hell that the Captain will be on this list, since he is the paragon of virtue. Here's to hoping Ortiz and/or Schilling are on it, so we can asterisk '04 and '07.

In other news, the Knicks still suck, the Rangers still suck without Sean Avery, and the Cowboys can clinch home-field throughout the playoffs with a win this Sunday and a GB loss.

As for the big news of the last couple of days, Alex Trebek's heart attack. It was minor and he should be back in time for the next round of tapings, but if he's not, you know I know just the right man for the job.

UPDATE: So Pettitte's on there, balls. As for other Yankees, either those who took during their Yankee tenure, before, or after: Giambi, Clemens, Sheffield, Kevin Brown, Neagle, Manzanillo, Hal Morris, Velarde, Stanton, Rondell White (what?), Grimsley, Todd Williams, and good ol' Chuck Knoblauch.

No big name Red Sox, but let's start a conspiracy theory since Mitchell is involved with their organization so he covered up for Varitek, Schilling, Ortiz, and Trot Nixon.

But we can laugh at Mets fans, with Todd Hundley and Paul Lo Duca on there.

Pitchers and catchers 2 months from tomorrow.


AEF said...
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AEF said...

Oh well. I guess it is Pettitte. Isn't that too bad - and they just resigned him. Hmmmm.

(my bad about the first post)

elie said...

The entire report is a major letdown. From the coverage this thing was receiving I was expecting more and bigger names to be named. I was expecting the names listed to shake the foundation of the game to its core.

Dachs said...

The main problem with the report was that really only 2 guys talked to him, and they were both New York-related, so I have to hear about all the ex-Yankees while all the Red Sox stay innocent for the time being.

I think, Pettitte comes out of this looking as good as possible though.