Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let's Make Some Money


Last night's fight was disappointing, not just because I was pulling for Hatton, but the constant clutching and grabbing made the first few rounds painful to watch. The last three rounds were exciting knowing that any moment Mayweather was gonna knock him out, but I'm very glad I didn't plunk down 55 bucks for this thing, good work Sopcast.

As for the future, supposedly Mayweather is gonna take the next 2 years off and maybe come back in 2010. I can see my boy Cotto going through any welterweight contenders during that time, guys like Hatton, Paul Williams and Ricardo Torres, and uniting the belts, leading to a huge PPV fight between the undefeated Mayweather and Cotto.


Alright, let's try this football betting blog thing. I probably should've done this Thursday or Friday, because of my dozens (and dozens) of readers, how many are gonna read it in the next hour? Whatever. Take my advice at your own risk, or bet against everything I say if it makes you feel better.

The near-locks: These are the bets that I think will win even up, no teasing needed. Throw 'em in a parlay if you'd like.
Eagles -3 vs the Giants, Eli Manning sucks, plus he's on the road (I know they beat Chicago last week on the road, Chicago's terrible, don't read too much into that), McNabb coming back, I see Philly winning easy.
TB -3 vs Houston. Vegas hasn't been giving TB too much respect this season, and even if one of the McCown boys is starting at QB, since Garcia is questionable, I still think they'll cover this spread.
Dallas -11 vs Detroit. Shocking I know. But we're out for blood against Kitna, I'd actually parlay this with the over if gambling was legal.
Saints -3 1/2. Atlanta is really bad, Saints are mediocre. I think they'll cover.

'Dogs I think got a solid chance at winning:
Jets +145 vs Cleveland, 49ers +310, no real reason for that one, just a gut feeling. Steelers are +340, but I'm just not feeling it. I think the Pats get back on track, win that game pretty easily, sorry Elie.

The Teasers: Pick 3 or 4 of these and make some money- Bills to -1, Seahawks to -1, Cowboys to -5 1/2, O/U in DAL-DET to 45, Pats to -4 1/2, SD/TEN O/U to 34, DEN to -1, SF to +15 1/2, Ravens to +16, O/U in Giants/Eagles to 36.

Some props: Romo O/U 300 1/2 passing yards, Romo O/U 3 TD passes, I can see a nice 320 yds, 4 TD game today, with T.O. getting 7 for 120, meaning take his O/Us too, LDT O/U 88 1/2 rushing yards, if Haynesworth doesn't play he'll get 150.

The lotto ticket parlay of the week: 13 to 1- Bills -7, Eagles -3, Pats -10 1/2, Seahawks -7.

Let's see how I do. I'm not necessarily gonna bet all of these things, that would be a little crazy. Alright, probably most of them. Gambling problem? What gambling problem?

We'll get to the Knicks maybe tomorrow. Pathetic how we got beat down by Philly back-to-back. How is Isiah still employed?

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