Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Minutes

So the Cowboys lost, I'm pissed, and therefore instead of a normal blog post we end up with something like the following.

Minutes of the meeting, Klinger put down the blowup doll after repeatedly supermanning that doll, finally making his way to the fabulous Morg 403 Hotel and Casino Resort in DA HEIGHTS. M.I.M.S. Baby. Klinger did not put his hand on his leg when told to, he did however look, and continued to chew on his stale-ass nasty pretzels that he didn’t bring for anyone else, because he sucks, and is not a very polite guest. However, since this thing is due in 3 days, 4 days my bad. Good call Taz on the my bad getting in there. That should be a comma after bad, but I’ll let Klinger’s retardation slide just this once. Klinger said “Let’s Start.” This was obviously stupid because we had already started earlier in the semester when we made up to be in the group. Klinger did not know what a SWOT analysis was, we found this hysterical. Taz knows what literary criticism is however, for he reads books in exchange for half-hazard attempts that Klinger makes at using big words. This is because Klinger feels you can be a complete asstard, but if you’re wearing a suit, no one will mind. Klinger failed to pick up on “The Office” reference, for he does not watch funny TV. He prefers Lifetime, and the Oxygen network. He is also rather fond of the official sponsor of Dachs & Elie, Klinger recommended we use, for he had never heard of Wikipedia. Klinger suggested we make up our own country, for creativity alone, surely we would get full marks, good call Queer Dumbledore. By the way, let me pimp my blog, Klinger apparently thinks we are starting a business in every single country in the continent of Africa, for, as previously mentioned, he’s a little retarded. Klinger made believe he knew what the Tic-Tac-Toe box really represented, but he didn’t. Klinger created a Swiss Death Star, which failed miserably. Klinger insulted me tremendously when he said he never went to my blog, repeatedly. Klinger denied going to Taz’s blog, even though we all know he’s been there many a time, and twice on New Years’. Klinger was then easily distracted by the pretty pictures, for he has the attention span of a 5 year old jackass. Dachs, continued to set the record for most uses of the word ass in one blog post, he was not sure what was goin’ on there, maybe it’s because the ‘Boys lost so he’s upset. Dammit Klinger. Apparently, I spelled Switzerland, Switerland. Klinger finally finished his pretzel, and proceeded to attempt to read last week’s S.I. Yes, the one with Brett Favre on the cover as Sportsman of the Year, no, I don’t know why he was given that award either.

If you actually read this whole thing, you'll be in the running for my Blog Reader of the Year.


Rare Find said...

Reader of the yurr... TAZ. Formerly Tazmarelof.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

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