Thursday, August 7, 2008

He hath performed yet another miracle

During last night's essential victory, the Captain performed yet another miracle. With A-Rod up with 2 out and a 1-2 count, the Captain was on 1st base. He knew A-Rod would strike out. He therefore knew he would have to steal 2nd, 3rd and home in order to score. However, it was a 1-2 count and he knew A-Rod would strike out on the next pitch. What a quandary.

Yet the Captain knew what he had to do. He would need to draw a throw to 1st. So he took a sizable lead, and led the pitcher to believe he could pick him off. Sure enough, pickoff attempt and it looks like there'll be a 3rd out. Behold the power of the Captain. He made his way to the 2nd, at which point Chris Davis flipped the ball to Michael Young for the easy tag. But wait! Young dropped the ball! Jeter Christ indeed.

Unfortunately, the pitcher caught on to what was happening and didn't risk attempting a pick-off at 2nd, instead striking A-Rod out on the next pitch.

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