Monday, August 4, 2008

All hail the gangsta

Not enough time for a real post at the moment, but had to get some thoughts on yesterday's game up here.

First and foremost, the streak continues. It didn't look good at times, but I just kept reminding myself that when I get to the bayis before the gates open we win. Sure enough it happened again.

Second, my prognostication skills were quite sick, as I said before the game we'd get 4 runs off Lackey in 6 innings. Clearly, the dumbest baserunning decision of all time, performed by Bobby Abreu, was in order to keep that intact. Thanks for the brainfart Bobby.

Third, Xavier Nady. It was my first time seeing him play in person, and hilariously enough he had DMX along with some other gangsta rap as his entrance music. Hence his new name. No longer is he the X-Man, he is the Gangsta. You can call him the OG for short, considering I've never called a Yankee "Gangsta", so technically he is the OG. Also, we traded the AG, so it won't be that confusing.

Fourth, Joe Girardi. How do you leave in Edwar Ramirez to face soon-to-be Yankee Big Teix? Even if Mo was unavailable and he had good numbers against Marte, bring in Bruney, Veras, the new kid, whoever. But there was no doubt Teix was hitting that grand slam on that pitch.

Fifth, Dan Giese. The most underappreciated, underutilized Yankee. He should be starting instead of Rasner.

Sixth, Reggie Willits. 4 plate appearances, 4 walks. He's got a .185 batting average, and forget warning track power, he barely has outfield power. Unacceptable.

But at the end of the day, with great help from the Gangsta and the Captain (started 2 rallies, patented awesome play in the hole, ho hum), we win again, getting a much-needed split of the series. Too bad Farnsworth and Rodney suck, otherwise we'd be 4.5 out.

Tonight, Joba time. 4 games against Texas, I'm feeling the sweep.

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