Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Quincy's Illustrious Return

When one thinks about the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, the top 5 are easy to come up with: 1. Aikman 2. Romo 3. Quincy Carter 4. Staubach 5. Don Meredith (Irrational Cowboy fan? What insane irrational Cowboy fan?)

In 2003, Quincy Carter finally got his chance to start for the whole season as Bill Parcells, unlike Dave Campo, realized Chad Hutchinson was flat-out terrible. He took a team that had gone 5-11 3 years in a row, to 10-6 and the franchise's first playoff berth in 5 years.

That offseason, we in effect traded then-mediocre Joey Galloway for Keyshawn Johnson, drafted Julius Jones to replace the non-Hebrew Hammer Troy Hambrick (let the record show, the day after that draft I wanted to know why we traded out of the 1st round to take him instead of Steven Jackson or Kevin Jones, considering that extra draft pick we got ended up becoming Marcus Spears, this was clearly not the best of decisions, although Double J did have his great moments after coming back from injury that first season), and Jason Witten was elevated to starter. We had made the playoffs with solid defense and special teams, and a mediocre offense. Now we had an offense.

Then tragedy struck.

Quincy Carter, our fearless leader, had always had a little bit of a "dope thing". That training camp, he failed a drug test. Suddenly, our big pickup of a washed up Eddie George was no longer big news, because shortly thereafter our starting quarterback was no longer on the team. I'm still convinced Parcells fudged the test so he could bring in Vinny Testaverde. Without Quincy we went 6-10, and were never again close to the same (until, of course, ROMO!).

But now he's back in the game. After leaving the Jets, he went to af2, but then got tired of that so he left them too. Now however, the Kansas City Brigade (no more af2, he's back to the big time now), in dire need of a leader to salvage their playoff hopes, are turning to the great Quincy Carter. They're 3-10, but somehow still have a shot since their conference apparently sucks. How 'Bout Them Brigade.

HT: This guy, who told me about his signing, although this post was about him becoming the starter today, something he said nothing about. Anyway, all of my loyal readers, throw some hits his way in recognition of his performance.