Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mets Frown Upon Winning Streaks

The Mets have won 2 in a row, and 3 out of 4. Naturally it's time to fire the pitching coach, first-base coach (seriously, terrible job this season by the first-base coach) and the manager. While Willie Randolph may be a traitor for leaving after 2004 for the retards in Queens (Hi HannahJ!), this move makes very little sense. As has been pointed out on various platforms, Jerry Manuel and Randolph are very similar, so what's the point? If they went with my boy HoJo, then fine, but this is just odd.

What the Mets should do, but probably won't, is bring back either of the managers who actually had success with those losers: Davey Johnson or Bobby Valentine. This assumes they want the job, but come on, to be able to work a mere few miles away from the Captain? Obviously it would be better to be a parking attendant in the South Bronx but it's better than managing in Japan.

In other news: JCHOFer Tiger Woods was awesome the past 3 days, with 3 sick eagles Shabbos, and 2 ridiculously Captainesquely clutch birdies on 18 each of the last 2 days, before finally finishing off Rocco Mediate on the 91st hole. He is now 14 for 14 when leading a major after 3 rounds. Pretty good, pretty pretty good.

The tragic news is of course the news that the Wanger will be out until September. This sucks. Can we make due with a rotation of Pettitte, Joba, Moose, Rasner and Giese/minor league callup? Of course, we still have the Captain.

But who would that callup be? It simply can't be Igawa, who is as lost a cause as there has ever been. Daniel McCutchen has been very good this year and Alan Horne was fantastic last year, but I think it'll be Jeff Karstens, who is healthy again and conveniently is on line to start in Wang's spot on normal rest. Kennedy will probably be back by the end of the month, just like your mom's period, but Phillip the prolific blogger can't realistically be counted on in the immediate short-term.

There is another option. If Cleveland continues to suck, maybe Sabathia becomes available, but I (as well as Cashman, who actually makes these decisions) didn't want to give up anything too substantial for Santana, who is better than Sabathia, so I don't see this happening, unless Cleveland is willing to settle for something along the lines of Kennedy/Horne/Marquez.

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Jersey said...

Cleveland will have to take less for Sabathia, because of two reasons: 1- it's midseason, and 2- Santana was traded for a raisin. (Or perhaps the equivalent of Rios/Lee/Longoria/Sanchez.)

Bobby V is a legend (regend) in Japan. Five smierr.

And seriously, dumb move by the Mets. I mean, he shoulda been fired a while ago, but this is just an awkward time to do it, and replacing him with Manuel is just pointless. If Willie needs a job, I hear the Yankees need a scout. Peterson will find a job VERY quickly. I think San Fransisco take him and reunite him with his buddy Barry Zito.

Anyway, the Mets could have solved their problem by trading Jo-ver Rey-ted. I bet Singfer would be willing to give up Sheets and Kouz for him.