Monday, June 16, 2008

The Epitome of Frustration

I have spent the last 2 1/2 hours trying to get my password for the All-Star Game presale. I have e-mailed the powers that be for help. 2 hours later? Still no response. I have repeatedly called them. "All circuits are busy". Lazy douchebags, pick up the damn phone already. Who do you think you are, 911?

It's the same problem every single time with these retards, be it regular season tickets, playoff tickets, or All-Star tickets. They have too many people trying to access one little website, and the retarded thing crashes and/or makes you wait on a virtual line with no end in sight. Not good times. I really want to go to this game and have very little interest in shelling out extra to a scalper when I'M A FREAKING TICKET LICENSEE.* Not good times. At all. But I have no intention of giving up just yet. Instead of hanging out with some buddies (sorry guys, should've clicked the ad dammit) I will stare at this computer screen while watching freaking golf, until I get my damn tickets.


Although we'd probably go see Zohan, so am I really missing out that much? Either way, not good times at all.

In other news, freaking Wang. Learn how to run the damn bases. MRI results to come, although as of now it's been called a sprain of the top of his foot. What the hell that even means I can't begin to imagine, it just sounds so stupid.

The good news? We swept the beJeter out of Houston, with the Great One himself providing the crucial blow in 2 of the games. Now if only I can go be there when he wins his 2nd ASG MVP.

UPDATE: FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!!! They appear to have sold out. I already got tickets for the Sunday crap and I'm going to the fan fest at least 1 day, probably 2. But still, I want ASG tickets, dammit, is that so wrong? Literally 5 minutes after I blogged about this, I finally got through and got my password, but since it was 2 hours and 45 minutes after the pre-sale started, not surprisingly they sold out. Even the workout day sold out. Motherfuck, tittyfuck, everywhere a fuck fuck. I am not happy right now.


Jersey said...

MRI results aren't back yet, but they think it's similar to Bruney's injury. He could miss a few months.

Of course, I offered Singfer a fair trade for Wang as soon as he got hurt, hoping he'd finally be willing to trade him for something less than Ryan Braun and Nick Markakis. Naturally, he declined, and now he's stuck with the guy.

(I even tried to sweeten the deal by including Kouz in the package. Still no dice. What is up with this guy? Let's go Celts?)

Anonymous said...

so were not going? youre driving to ac next time (tonight?), lol. ticketmaster sucks. try stubhub and hook a brother up.