Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Details to Follow

No time for a real blog, but some quick things going on that will be delved into soon.

1. The Yankees have won the last 2 games by a combined score of 20-0. The swagger is back, bring it on Peavy.

2. We have just signed Sidney Ponson to a minor-league deal. No report on if we've also brought back Scott Erickson and Terrence Long.

3. This week's SI players poll shows that 10% of those polled feel the Captain is the most overrated player in baseball. This outrage will be blogged about, believe me, his honor will be defended.

4. Massive congratulations to my boy KG. I may hate Boston but I love KG and I was rooting for them to win this series. Congratulations also to Kige and Rosie. Let's go Celts indeed.

More to come soon enough. Let's go Yanks.

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Jersey said...

Bring on Peavey indeed.