Sunday, February 24, 2008

Report: Yanks' Jeter favors blood testing for performance enhancers

"While union chief Don Fehr has opposed blood testing of Major League Baseball players for steroids and substances like HGH, one of the sports biggest stars disagrees.

Derek Jeter


"You can test for whatever you want to test for," New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter told Bloomberg News. "We get pricked by needles anyway in spring training, so we have a lot of blood work to begin with."

Jeter, an eight time All-Star, also went on to say that blood testing for banned substances isn't an invasion of privacy.

Several players, including Jeter's current and former Yankee teammates Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens, were named in the Mitchell report as having used HGH. Pettitte admitted his use while Clemens vehemently denied taking any performance enhancing substance."

That's right, the Captain's not a cheater and wants to ensure that baseball is as steroid-free as possible.

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