Monday, February 11, 2008

Fighting the good fight

Even though it's no longer football season I couldn't help but post part of a fantastic article written by some dude, Johnny from Metroville, on Deadspin.

The beginning is boring, and about how he doesn't understand why people hate him because he's a Patriot fan. But then, oh sweet Jeter Christ, then, he spins some Dachsian rhymes. An example, taken from his description of Giants fans:

"one day very soon, you will wake up to discover ... that you are all douchebags. Pedophile douchebags is what I'm suggesting be the modifier: you are all pedophile douchebags whose hero is an overgrown Sea Monkey that constantly looks to be on the verge of tears. Eli Manning could fall ass-backwards into a Super Bowl victory with the East Rutherford Giants every season for the rest of his God-affronting career and history will never concede that he is a talented football player by any stretch of the imagination."

Check the rest out right over here.

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