Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dwight Howard is freaking dangerous

I am proud to say I have seen every dunk in the Slam Dunk contest, either watching live, or on replays/YouTube/whatever. Dwight Howard last night did 4 dunks. Each of these dunks was absolutely sick. The 1st 3 were 3 of the greatest I've ever seen, definitely all in the top 10, with the behind the backboard windmill and the "tap to himself off the backboard" in the top 5. Moon's 1st dunk was verrrry impressive, Gay was solid, and Green was very good too (the cupcake shtick was cute, and considering McCants gave him a bad pass it was even cooler), but Howard was insane.

Congratulations to Team San Antonio, and my girl Becky Hammon, friend of the show.

In non-NBA news, Pavlik beat Taylor again last night, not surprised, although I was surprised it wasn't a KO.

And in the big news, Morgan Ensberg will be wearing #21. I'm shocked, I thought it was getting retired. Technically it still can because there are plenty of numbers that were worn in between the player's retirement and the number's retirement. But it's a little weird that no one wore this popular number for 6 years, and now all of the sudden it's being given out.

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