Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Record That Will Never Be Broken

Last night, in another disappointing loss in this tragic sorry-sack season, there was at least one extremely bright spot. The Captain went 2-3, giving him 1,271 hits at the Bayis, 2 more than Lou Gehrig had and 1,000 more than Randy Velarde. Our heartfelt congratulations to the Captain on this lofty milestone. Even the Captain is pumped about this one, and he generally tends not to give a crap, especially when we lose. But as he said, "This is something that's pretty special. I would be lying to you if I said it wasn't. Records are made to be broken, but this one at least will never be broken."

On a more personal note, my thanks to the Captain. He got 9 hits in 2 days, the last 3 of which coming with me at the game, to tie the record. He then purposely went 0-4 so he could wait to set the record on my birthday. My appreciation for his benevolence to his truest disciple.


David said...

Congratulations to our great and holy Captain! On your birthday, while we were still sober enough to appreciate it. He's the man.

Dachs said...

Yes. Yes he is.