Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goodbye Amy

The big SNL news of the day, well, of yesterday, Amy Poehler's announcement that she will be leaving the show after the election. She's mad preggers, as we all saw last episode, and will be taking maternity leave. After which, she will focus her attention on her new job, as part of the new Office spinoff that still has been managed to be kept secret. All we know is it'll be starting after the Super Bowl, much like Family Guy and Kimmel did back in the day.

As for Poehler, she was definitely one of the most valuable cast members since Ferrell left, I always thought she was overrated, but still very funny. Her impressions of Dakota Fanning and Hillary Clinton are among the best in the show's history, while some of her characters like the annoying little girl who keeps yelling Rick and the one-legged chick who farts all the time are quite dumb.

Either way, she will be missed, and it'll be interesting to see what they do with Update, if they go with Seth alone, or pair him up with someone else, maybe Kenan can do it with his Barkley "impression".