Saturday, September 27, 2008


As soon as I heard the score from Friday night's game, all I could think about was the last night it was better to be a Yankee fan than a Red Sox fan*. Maybe next year.

Tomorrow is one of those mammoth sports days, with races coming down to the last day and maybe beyond, and a solid slate of football. Depending on my bird flu I may even put some gambling picks tomorrow morning so start getting your hopes up.

30 minutes until Anna Faris finally makes her SNL debut. Sweet.

*Obviously, rooting for a team containing the Captain is an honor and a privilege. But you get the point with that sentence, I miss the curse, what can I say?

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Anonymous said...

Faris is way hot. But were was that Britney sketch u were so sure of? Weird they didn't do it since like u said she looks alot like her.