Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scott Proctor cannot be happy

So the latest reports have our ex-manager Mr. Torre going to the Dodgers. So many things about this don't make sense. Mr. Torre's strength is in managing the egos in a clubhouse, like when he was here and everyone basically got along and didn't say anything stupid. (Obvious exception being Gary Sheffield, but no one can keep him quiet for too long.) But he sucks when it comes to strategy, which gets even more complicated in the National League. Plus, I still don't get this devotion Don Mattingly has to Torre, that he would supposedly become his bench coach in LA instead of staying here (this assumes that's an option). But whether or not this is a good move for Torre and/or the Dodgers, one person who's got to be really pissed right now is Scott Proctor.

Good ol' reliable Scott Proctor. Throw him out there for 2 innings every game, what can go wrong? Well, besides for his fastball dropping from 98 mph to 92 in a 3-month span, not too much I guess. But he finally was rescued from Torre's terrible bullpen management when we traded for the Better Man (seriously Wilson, it's a solid song, and your last name sort of sounds like it, but get something new so we don't have to hear the same thing 4 times a game). Wherever he's hanging out this offseason, Tom Gordon breathed a tremendous sigh of relief that the Phillies made the playoffs, since otherwise maybe Torre would be replacing Charlie Manuel. And now, just a few short months after Proctor's career was saved, he may be reunited with the legendary killer of bullpen arms, Joe Torre. Hey Joe, Paul Quantrill sends his love.

(By the way, remember QuanGorMo? Jeter Christ, Michael Kay is such a moron.)

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