Monday, November 19, 2007


Apparently, the Redskins defense and their coaches weren't familiar with this guy T.O. He's pretty good, you might want to put a guy on him so he doesn't repeatedly burn you for touchdowns.

Also, it looks like we have a new play in the playbook. Have Gurode snap the ball over Romo's head since he'll always somehow make it work out okay. Unfortunately 1 of the passes got picked off after a deflection, so maybe we should only call that play once every couple of weeks instead of 3 times in a half. But we won, so it's all good. Now we get the Jets at home, after their shocking (or was it, raise your hand if you put a couple bucks on the Jets to win, I can't be the only one). Fortunately it's the Thanksgiving game, otherwise it might be a trap game since the big matchup with Green Bay is next week, but I believe (thanks Kige) we'll come ready to play and handle our business. Supposedly we're already 2 touchdown favorites, so I guess Vegas agrees.

In other news, it's looking like A-Rod and Mo are coming back. I'm so glad I was able to help A-Rod make his decision to come back, I'm still gonna call him Purple Lips on occasion, but that's its own blog topic.

And the Knicks suck. Really suck. We'll see what happens tomorrow night when we're back home.

And while I still haven't seen it, I've been told by 1 of my supposedly loyal readers that Dan in Real Life really sucks, and that no one should waste their time with that horsecrap.

The Shuffle: This Fall Out Boy song I kind of like, Me and You. (I know, what the hell is up with that, it freaks me out too.)


Anonymous said...

Hey man Sat night was awesome You were dead wrong about the pats

Dachs said...

No love for Tampa Bay minus the 3? That was the 1 I guaranteed.

Elizabeth the Conqueror said...

I have seen Adventures in Babysitting and love it. You are not alone.

The end.

Dachs said...

Fair enough, although technically since I don't know you, no one I know has ever seen or heard of it.