Thursday, November 29, 2007

The biggest night of sports since October 8th

On October 8th, the Yankees played their last game of the season while the then "only 4-0 so are they for real" Cowboys played the Bills in Buffalo on Monday Night Football at the same time. While that was unquestionably a huge sports night (although a tragic one, no I'm still not over it even though the Cowboys are ridiculously awesome), tonight's is even bigger. True there aren't any playoff games. But there are 3 potentially huge (well, only 1 is huge, the other 2 I'll blow out of proportion just a little bit) games going on. Let's do this in reverse.

3. Islanders vs Rangers- A huge rivalry, we're only 1 point ahead of them in the standings while they have 2 games in hand, plus we haven't been able to beat DiPietro. Of course, I'm still benching him in fantasy tonight. The horrible Ranger news from yesterday is that my boy Avery is gonna miss a couple of weeks due to wrist surgery. Channeling my inner Kige let me just say, that I believe this is going to hurt the Rangers. We have been playing much better since he came back from his first injury. Should be a good game, decent chance it goes to a shootout. And technically it is possible for this to be an Eastern Conference Finals preview, so that's 1.

2. Knicks vs Celtics- We've won 2 in a row, including one against a real team, Utah. Now we face one of the best teams in the conference. Although not the unstoppable force some thought they would be as they have lost to Orlando and Cleveland, that's still a damn good team. The crazy thing is, we have more talent top to bottom, it's just a matter of actually playing to potential. Marbury needs to play like he has the last 2 games, not the first 10. We would definitely be better off starting Lee instead of Curry though. Much better rebounder, better defender, and Zach can handle the low post scoring duties. The crazy Knick fan in me is saying this will be an Eastern Conference Finals preview, so that's 2.

1. Packers vs Cowboys- The game I'll be watching live. 10-1 vs 10-1. The Hall of Famer vs the young emerging superstar who is endlessly compared to him, and in fact idolized him as a kid. Super Bowl 41 3/4. Brett Favre, counting the playoffs, is 2-10 against the Cowboys in his career, 0-8 in Texas Stadium. Last year, it was about this point that we fell apart, with coaches around the league supposedly figuring out how to stop Romo, although I don't see that happening this year. Kige picked the Packers. Obviously I'm going to disagree and pick the Cowboys.

My plan for the evening: I'm probably gonna check out this meeting place of Cowboys fans that live in New York and watch the game with them there, tape the Knicks, and watch Rangers in 60 when I get home.

Let's hope for a 3-0 night. ROMO

And, by the way, a new blog has emerged to fill the void in your heart left by the death of the BatTaz's deep thoughts, So check it out Beavis.

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