Monday, May 12, 2008

Helluva QB, terrible singer

I'm embarrassed to even be blogging about this since it was so terrible, but I received a link to a video of my boy Romo singing the 7th inning stretch in Wrigley yesterday. Out of respect to his greatness I won't put the video up here, but wow.

Jeter Christ almighty, Tony, please, never sing again, you make Jessica sound like freaking Whitney Houston or something.

You know which Cowboy probably has a great set of pipes? PacMan. Don't be afraid to ask him to sing, just pat him down before he enters the stadium, or actually, before he enters the city limits.


Jersey said...

Does he bring the tone-deafness to a whole new level?

AEF said...

I actually though it was pretty funny. I saw it live when I was watching the Cubs game. I was holding my ears and holding my guts at the same time. :)