Sunday, March 2, 2008

Parlay baby parlay

No real thoughts now, it is Sunday morning after all, but we do need to win our spring training parlay money back since the blog is down 2 Schrutebucks.

So today, the undefeated Yankees together with the Dodgers and the Pirates.

MONDAY UPDATES: 1. It was pointed out to me I left out Heroes in my list of solid NBC shows. I then remembered I left out My Name is Earl, which is a good show, but makes for a terrible day-by-day calender. My bad, but Vegas should still go on.

2. While I'm here, the Monday parlay (Blog is -3 Schrutebucks): Yankees/Tigers/Dodgers, and while we're at it, screw parlays, I'm gonna go public with one of my straight-up picks, put a Schrutebuck on the Braves.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dachs! You've cost me 5 Schrutebucks! Give me something to get it back and more tommorrow or there are going to be problems.