Monday, March 24, 2008

20 Baseball Predictions

The first regular-season game is less than 5 hours away, and since I'm shockingly too lazy to go all-out with a preview, I'll take the easy way out and make 20 predictions:

1. First things first, the drought comes to an end, the Yankees win the World Series.

2. Your NL representative: The Braves.

3. MVPs: AL-Have you seen the name of the blog? NL- Big Teixy

4. Cy Youngs: AL- Bedard, NL- Huddy, in my upset pick of the week.

5. AL Division winners: Yanks, Tigers, Angels

6. NL Division winners: Braves, Cubs, D-Backs

7. Wild-cards: Indians/Brewers

8. ALCS: Yanks over Tigers, NLCS: Braves over D-Backs

9. As I mentioned in an earlier video, the Mets will go 75-87.

10. The Red Sox will amazingly fail to win a single game this season.

11. The Mariners should sign Barry Bonds, but they won't. They will however pull off a trade deadline deal for Griffey but will still fall short.

12. Eric Karabell will continue to be much better than Matthew Berry.

13. 50-HR hitters: A-Rod, The Prince, Big Teix, Adam Dunn

14. McGwire will once again not even come close to getting inducted into the HOF.

15. September 21 will not be the date of the Yankees' last home game at Yankee Stadium (well, duh, look at #1).

16. I will win both of my fantasy leagues.

17. Eric Byrnes and Jose Reyes will combine for less than 100 steals.

18. Joba will continue to a beast, easily take down the AL ROY, while in the NL, who cares?

19. None of the major single-season records will be broken, although a certain someone will give DiMaggio's streak a run for its money.

20. The Captain will hit .400.

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