Monday, October 29, 2007

Mr. Girardi

Reportedly the Yanks have offered former Yankee Joe Girardi the job as manager for 3 years, $6 million. In his 1 year as manager with the Florida Marlins he won NL Manager of the Year for going 78-84 with a young team. Bear in mind this supposedly crappy young team had great talent like Miguel Cabrera, Hanley Ramirez, Dan Uggla and Josh Willingham, along with solid pitching led by Dontrelle Willis and a bullpen headed by Joltin' Joe Borowski and Matt Herges. But still, since they didn't suck, Girardi was rewarded with Manager of the Year and is considered to have a tremendous experience edge over the guy I wanted the job to be given to, Don Mattingly.

1st of all, it seems that Mattingly will now leave the organization to either go back home to Indiana, or join Torre if he takes another job (maybe in LA). Plus, I don't know how guys like Posada/Jeter/Pettitte/Mo feel about having to answer to one of their ex-teammates. But Girardi did always strike me and many others as a good "manager-type" when he was a player, so I guess I'm fine with this.

We'll need a new bench coach now, I can see Pena being there, and then getting whomever at first. Or maybe bring back Buck Showalter and have him on the bench while he waits to get another managerial offer.

As for how we're gonna replace Purple-Lips, a Betemit-Morgan Ensberg platoon would be fine with me, of course that involves getting Ensberg, which shouldn't be too tough. Vechionacci's only gonna be starting the season in AA next year, so while he may be ready in 2009, I highly doubt he'll do anything more for the Yankees than a key stolen base during spring training. (Then again, the best candidate for the job probably will want to rest up with Carrie after winning the Super Bowl. I of course refer to ROMO.) Either way, anyone who thinks we're in a state of upheaval, and that without A-Rod and Torre we're a rebuilding team that will miss the playoffs next season is a complete tard.

By the way, I love how the 5 biggest stories in sports right now are 1. A-Rod 2. Pats-Colts 3. Girardi 4. NFL Recap 5. Oh yeah, the Red Sox, that also happened last night. Always great when the Yankees completely upstage everything else. Selig must be thrilled.

What the shuffle decided I should listen to: No shuffle right now, listening to Mike and the Dog.

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Rare Find said...

My top three choices for 3B: Lowell, Cabrera (Girardi connection!), and our old pal Eric Duncan. Maybe Wade Boggs will come out of retirement.

Luis Sojo for bench coach? I could see it happening. I still don't get why Mattingly wouldn't stick around. It's not like we demoted him or anything.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't anyone considering Charlie Hayes? Juice him up and stick him at third. And why is Mattingly going to LA with Torre?