Friday, October 17, 2008

Some thoughts for the offseason

Here's what I'm thinking, as of now. Goodbye Giambi, goodbye Pavano, goodbye Abreu. We sign Teixeira (at any price), Manny (blasphemy I know, but he'll f'ing destroy Boston every time which will be worth the 100 million it'll cost), Orlando Hudson, Sabathia, and Oliver Perez. Priorities in that order.

We attempt to make 2 big trades. San Diego's shopping Peavy, I don't love him as much as most (hey there Donny), but still, it's Peavy, he's 27 and locked in until 2013. According to the article I saw, they're looking for a near-ML ready CF and 2 pitching prospects. Well, how does Melky/Kennedy/Marquez sound?

Next, Seattle. They became the 1st team to lose 100 with a payroll of 100 million and are rumored to be looking to shed payroll. Rumor has it the whole team hates Ichiro. Well, how does Cano/Matsui for Ichiro/the injured Bedard sound?

And in a minor trade we take 2 relievers making no money, let's say Edwar and Bruney, and package them for Huston Street, whose contract Oakland's trying to get rid of.

Our new-look lineup:
CF Ichiro
SS Captain
1B Teix
DH Manny
3B A-Rod
C Posada
LF Damon
RF Nady
2B Hudson

Our new-look rotation:
Best-case: Sabathia, Peavy, Wang, Moose, Pettitte

Moose may retire, we may not get Sabathia and/or Peavy, which is where Oliver Perez would come in. Hughes spends the beginning of the year in AAA, and is the 1st guy up after an injury.

Bullpen: Mo closing, Joba in the 8th, Street/Coke/Melancon as other setup guys, Marte as the LOOGY, Giese as the long man.

Bench: Molina/Gardner/Betemit/Shelley or Christian.


Jersey said...

What happened to Lowe?

Also, Hughes and Joba will be starting at some point this season. I don't know if either will be there on day 1, but you'll see them both at some point.

I agree about Manny, but only for a short-term deal. He gets bored real fast.

Here's how I view Peavy:

Humber = Kennedy
Gomez = Gardner
2 no-names = who cares

So, if the Mets can deal that sort of crap for Johan, there's no reason the Yanks can't get Peavy for cheap.

Dachs said...

Not too pumped about Lowe.

I said have Hughes start, he's the 1st guy off the bench when someone gets injured. And for Joba we should listen to Posada, not Hank. Of course if we don't get any SPs in the offseason we'll need to start him.

And I'd rather give up Melky than Gardner as at least Gardner's fast. Melky just plain sucks.

Jersey said...

Well, yeah, I'd rather give up Melky than Gardner. But when working out the equation, I figured Gomez is fast, so he's equivalent to Gardner.