Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Morning Strum

Our top story this morning:
Joe Girardi might be retarded.

Last night, the Captain had the night off. While this pissed me off more than usual since I was at the game, it wasn't an egregiously terrible decision to give him a game off. Then came the 9th inning. Wilson Betemit singled, bringing up Melky Cabrera, who has absolutely sucked recently. Alberto Gonzalez pinch-ran for Betemit, which made sense. Girardi had many options here. With the speedy Gonzalez on 1st, and Jarrod Saltalamachhia's mediocre throwing arm behind the plate, he could've had him tried to steal. He could've then had Melky bunt him to 3rd. Or he could've had Melky bunt right away, preventing the double play. Or, of course, with the best player on the team out of the lineup, he could've pinch-hit for Melky, especially since his already terrible hitting gets even worse from the right side.

Instead, weak groundball double play. Momentum gone. One broken bat grounder later with the Captain stuck on deck, and the game was over.

The stage was set dammit. Man on 1st, down a run, pinch-hit the Captain, I was close enough to the field he could've tipped his helmet to me, turned around and won the game with his 200th career homer. Instead, Girardi had to be a retard.

In other news:

Let's go Rangers: Good day for the defense, resigning Michael Rosival and bringing in Wade Redden. Now all we need to do is re-sign Jagr, Avery and maybe bring in Brooks Orpik and I'll be happy.

In other hockey news, we get to really hate Bobby Holik again as he's back with the Devils. Good times.

And finally in this debut edition of morning strum, Baron Davis to the Clippers. This'll end in 1 of 2 ways. The Clippers will be a very good team next year, or Davis will get hurt again, adding to the Clippers legacy of bad luck.

1 comment:

Jersey said...

Aves is gone. :)
Jagr is gone. :)
And you're not getting Orpik.

Congrats on grossly overpaying for the ghost of Wade Redden. He used to be a decent puck-mover, but have you looked at his numbers from the past two seasons? Yet the Rangers still gave him six overpriced years. I'm so happy Sather is back to his old ways!

(Oh, and replacing Jagr with Naslund? I may thing Jagr isn't so great anymore, but Naslund is still not Jagr. And two years?)